Freshwater reflects on the HIMfertility campaign so far

We launched the HIMfertility campaign in St David’s, Cardiff, on 17 December 2019, alongside Rhod Gilbert and his team.

The launch saw a positive turnout with the people of Cardiff joining in with our games and chatting to our fertility specialists and Rhod himself about all things tackle.

Since the launch, the HIMfertility campaign has secured coverage in the national and local press and broadcast media, while the conversation has continued on its social media channels. Encouragingly, the campaign has received positive feedback and messages of support from those who have been affected by male infertility.

After six months of hard graft, we wanted to hear from the team who were there on the day of the launch for their take on how it went and their hopes for the future of the campaign.

Freshwater on the HIMfertility launch

Carolyn Pugsley co-ordinated the launch and led on press relations. She said: “It’s been an amazing experience working with Rhod on the HIMfertility campaign. We’d been busy beavering away for six months so to see the campaign come to fruition on launch day was hugely gratifying. What touched me the most was seeing the impact the campaign had on those affected by male infertility issues. And even if we help just one person feel like they are not alone with the challenges they face, then it will have been worthwhile.”

Heather Jones advised on strategy and messaging. She said: “Working with someone as high-profile as Rhod allowed us to achieve a huge amount of coverage and exposure for the topic. But, as well as star-power, he brought an authentic voice to the issue. I think him being willing to tell such a deeply personal story, about his own experience of trying for a baby, has been incredibly powerful. For me, one of the biggest successes from the launch was the openness from passers-by about their infertility journey. I heard so many moving stories, from both men and women, and that is exactly what we wanted to achieve through this campaign – people willing to talk tackle.”

Nicola and Heather at the HIMfertility launch

Nicola Roberts led on the marketing and campaign strategy. She said: “Launching the campaign and seeing all the hard work and planning from the past six months come to life was extremely heart-warming. The subject of male infertility is rarely talked about, despite it being a common problem, so to be able to shine a spotlight on the issue and signpost men to the support and advice available hopefully means that they no longer have to suffer in silence. Despite being in the early stages of the campaign, people are already talking tackle, so long may this continue.”

Charlie Cottrell at the HIMfertility launch

Charlie Cottrell managed the campaign’s social media presence. He said: “It’s been fantastic to see the Freshwater team’s hard work behind-the-scenes develop and culminate in a really successful launch event. As well as chatting to people on the day, monitoring the HIMfertility social media accounts provides additional insight into the positive impact that the campaign is having, even in its early stages. People from across the globe are sending positive – and often touching – messages, which is really encouraging and motivates us to keep things moving forward.”

Simon at the HIMfertility launch

Simon John helped develop the campaign brand. He said: “It was a real honour working with a celebrity like Rhod and working on such an important campaign for a health issue, which, so far, has had little to no exposure. I’m hoping this campaign continues to raise awareness not only with the public but also within the medical profession too.”

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