Positioning Thompsons as a national social justice law firm

Freshwater provides media-led brand profile support to Thompsons Solicitors, positioning the firm as purpose-led and fighting on the behalf of those who are voiceless or disadvantaged.



pieces of coverage secured in a year

1.5 million

online readership opportunities

1 million

monthly average print opportunities to see

Drive brand profile of Thompsons Solicitors, highlighting its role in representing victims of injury or mistreatment through widespread media and brand-led marketing.

Freshwater works closely with the firm’s specialist legal teams to increase its profile in key national, regional and trade media, to build trust in the Thompsons brand and position it as the social justice law firm.

The media strategy is multi-pronged and focuses on developing proactive major news stories, while being swift to respond to breaking news to maximise coverage. This is supplemented by a steady stream of core news releases highlighting case wins, witness appeals and corporate announcements.

A comprehensive calendar of awareness events, case-led anniversaries and other significant dates, such as parliamentary activity, is maintained and regularly updated to further increase brand profile across target media.

Press activity is amplified through the COPE (create once, publish everywhere) strategy, ensuring all news content created is shared across owned channels, including the firm’s social media feeds and website, and with key stakeholders through targeted direct marketing.

On and offsite digital activity strengthens the strategy and maximises opportunities to reach wider audiences and gain new leads following media coverage. Tactics include the introduction of a brand remarketing campaign, developing new brand positioning statements, and optimising service pages and legal guides to take advantage of search volumes during periods of high press engagement.

Stories regarding workers’ rights are a key driver of press coverage including shining a spotlight on Brexit and government legislation aimed to hamper the force of trade unions and row back on existing health and safety legislation.

Thompsons works in tandem with the trade union movement to fight this, leading the legal charge on issues such as ‘fire and rehire’, the P&O sacking, agency workers’ regulations, the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill and the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill.

Medical negligence in private healthcare settings is also a significant catalyst for press coverage. Earned and owned activity focuses on jailed breast surgeon, Ian Paterson, and a growing number of other rogue surgeons, as well as the devastating impact of medical interventions, such as mesh.

Freshwater secured 911 pieces of coverage for the firm between May 2022 and April 2023. This equated to a monthly average of more than 1.5 million online readership opportunities, more than one million print opportunities and more than 1,300 social engagements.

Coverage was secured for the firm in a variety of print, online and broadcast titles, including the Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, the Daily Mail, BBC, and ITV. Significant coverage was also secured in regional, local and trade titles.

Consistent press coverage led to a growth in engagements on the firm’s social channels, with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook followers increasing year-on-year.


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