Communications Strategy


A good communication strategy is the foundation for how an organisation will use communication to address, or overcome, specific challenges and meet its objectives. You may need a comprehensive communication strategy for the whole of your organisation. Perhaps one that supports departmental objectives, or the delivery of a specific initiative or programme of work.

Freshwater has a dedicated team of strategic communicators who can help you to identify your overall vision, and develop an effective communication strategy to achieve your goals.

Developing effective communications strategies

We design communication strategies that become key business tools; identifying issues or challenges, and outlining the ways communication can be used to address them. An effective communication strategy can help you to:

  • Achieve your overall objectives
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to build your reputation
  • Positively impact perception of your organisation or business
  • Engage your target audiences
  • Ensure your employees understand your vision and goals
  • Provide employees with the resources they need to achieve their objectives.

We have more than two decades of experience working with clients across a diverse range of industries and sectors. And a track record of helping public and private sector organisations to develop communication strategies that empower employees and enable them to communicate with confidence.

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Understanding your context

We use audience insight, research and data to set your immediate issue, or long term goal, in context. Understanding the internal and external factors at play. Identifying who you need to reach. What resources you have available, or what may be missing.

Often this includes interviews and focus groups. Communications audits. And a review of your existing channels and their performance. We speak to your stakeholders. Consider your competitors. Train your teams. Look for potential risks. And map your priorities against measurable objectives in an overarching communication strategy.


Collaborating closely

While we bring an expert eye, and give honest and best advice, we will also work collaboratively with you to define your vision and create a communication strategy that your organisation can get behind. We find that approach leads to communication strategies that add long term value, and have immediate impact too. We often spend time working directly at our clients’ sites, as part of their in-house teams, to ensure we have a genuine insight into their world.

Once a strategy is in place we can devise practical communication plans that set out the detail for how your communications will be implemented. From mapping out budgets, capacity planning and making sure your teams have the right skills and resources, to honing down on the specific outputs that are going to drive results. Communication plans designed to effectively solve core challenges are our speciality.