Brand strategy


Developing a brand strategy

A brand is far more than just a logo. It defines a company’s vision and values. It helps organisations to connect with their customers and employees. And it builds trust, credibility and loyalty. Harnessing your brand’s potential is key.

As an experienced brand development agency, Freshwater has helped everyone from start-ups and SMEs through to major household names develop a meaningful brand strategy.

Maybe you’re starting from scratch and need help to define who you are. Perhaps you’re more established and looking to take your brand to the next level. Maybe you’re planning for change, and it’s time for a rebrand. Whatever the challenge, our award-winning team of brand development experts can help you to develop, refine or overhaul your brand.


Our approach to branding

Let us help you make the right first impression. Our team of creatives, designers and copywriters will develop a brand identity that defines how your brand looks, feels and speaks to people. Our brand strategy services include:

  • Developing brand names and straplines
  • Crafting key messages and defining your tone of voice
  • Establishing your brand values and unlocking your point of difference
  • Honing your positioning and shaping your brand story
  • Creating visual identities including logos, colours, fonts, imagery and iconography.

The value of an authentic brand

The brand development process isn’t about putting words in your mouth or pretending to be something you’re not. It’s about helping you to define and strengthen the most important aspects of your business, and bringing that to life.

Once your brand strategy is defined, we will produce a style guide that gives clear guidelines on how to communicate your brand consistently and effectively across all communications channels.