Digital marketing audit


Understand the effectiveness of your digital strategy with our digital marketing audit.

Digital marketing is a powerful method of reaching and engaging your existing and potential customers.

It’s an industry that is constantly innovating, and there are always new ways to connect with your target audiences.

But your digital strategy needs to be planned and implemented effectively to drive genuine results.

  • Is your digital strategy delivering the results you need?
  • Are you confident your tracking and analytics is set up correctly?
  • Is your marketing strategy informed by the latest data and best practices?
  • Do you have a holistic understanding of how your audiences are engaging with you online?

Our digital audit will help you answer these questions and provide actionable recommendations to drive improvements.

Freshwater, Hodge House Cardiff, 15/11/2022

Our digital marketing audit services

Freshwater’s team of experts will carry out an in-depth audit of your organisation’s digital marketing activity.

Depending on the channels used by your organisation, our digital marketing audit services cover:
• Website UX – can users find what they need on your website? Is it easy to complete an action?
• Analytics and tracking – are all actions on your website being tracked correctly? Can you attribute where your conversions come from?
• SEO – is your website optimised to rank well in search engines? Are customers looking for your services able to find you?
• Digital advertising – are your search, display and social ads delivering ROI? Are there untapped channels that could deliver results?
• Social media – is your social content engaging your target audience? Are you leveraging the right channels to reach your goals?
• Competitor benchmarking – how does your marketing stack up against your competitors?

Insights from the audit will have tangible benefits to your organisation, particularly in understanding the relationship of digital marketing to your bottom line.

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More than an automated report

There are many companies offering digital marketing audits on the market, some of which are even free-of-charge. But all too often, these audits offer little more than an automated report generated by software in a couple of minutes.

We have access to marketing-leading software to ascertain your digital performance, but will also manually review your digital channels to provide tailored insights that have strategic value.

Tailored to your organisation

Freshwater’s digital marketing audit services are bespoke, as every organisation utilises digital marketing differently.

Our digital experts will work with you to understand your goals and priorities. We will focus our insights for maximum impact on your overarching business strategy.

We’ll also consider your available resource and budgets. This ensures our analysis is fair, and our recommendations are realistic and achievable.

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How our digital marketing audits have helped our clients

Our digital audits have helped organisations to:

  • Understand their most engaged audience groups
  • Optimise their content to increase organic traffic
  • Identify and fix technical issues with their websites
  • Improve conversion rate and drive more leads
  • Increase their return on ad spend


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What can you expect?

We ask clients to complete a questionnaire and join a start-of-work meeting so our teams have as much context about the existing digital strategy and the objectives you are aiming for.

To complete our audit, our digital marketers need read-access to your organisation’s accounts, such as:

• Google Analytics
• Tag Manager
• Google Ads
• Search Console
• Social media platforms
• Email marketing and CRM systems.

Following the audit, you will receive a report, which sets out our findings, customer benchmarking and recommendations.

All of our recommendations will have a priority category, and an explanation of the impact.

Depending on the size of your organisation, service offering and digital channels utilised, a digital audit takes up to two months to complete, from our initial scoping meeting to the delivery of the final report.