Video production

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Video has become an increasingly effective medium to help organisations achieve their marketing objectives, from raising brand awareness and building customer rapport to promoting services or products. And thanks to the increase in smartphones and internet usage, video is now considered a key tactic in most marketing strategies.

Freshwater provides video production services and video marketing consultancy to help organisations effectively adopt video as part of their marketing communication mix.

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Video production services

We have a wealth of experience creating exceptional videos thanks to an experienced video production team that brings directors, camera operators, scriptwriters, creative graphic designers and animators together with experienced sound and lighting crew.

We love to create high-quality, engaging video content that delivers results, and can produce a wide variety of video content including:

  • Sharable video shorts that create a buzz on social media
  • Professional corporate videos that bring brand stories to life
  • Attention-grabbing animated videos
  • Awareness-driving promotional videos
  • Broadcast quality TV advertising videos
  • News or documentary-style packages for PR
  • Training videos for internal communications.


We work with clients to underpin each video project with a clear strategy and set of defined objectives – considering the target audience’s motivations, awareness levels and the platforms they use. We craft compelling key messages and clever creative concepts, whether a video is 15 seconds or 15 minutes in length.

Video production

Experienced videographers and directors manage all aspects of production as the cameras start rolling. Whether managing multi-location live action shoots or creating assets for animation, Freshwater offers a seamless in-house video production service that ensures high production value throughout.



Our editors guide clients during the post-production journey from raw footage through to the rough cut and final edit to ensure we deliver a final product that meets expectations.

Video marketing

We are more than just a video production agency. We also help clients publish and distribute video content to ensure it is seen by the audiences that matter to them, across a mix of owned, earned and paid-for communication channels. From TV and social media advertising, to web content and promotion at events, our video marketing specialists advise clients on how to make sure their content is visible to the right people, at the right time.