Driving client growth for legal firm Rylands Garth

Freshwater helped law firm Rylands Garth secure hundreds of new clients for a high-profile group claim against rugby’s governing bodies.

We developed a social media advertising campaign to reach former players experiencing symptoms of long-term brain damage.


New clients




Cost per lead


Our client, Rylands Garth, is a specialist sports law firm leading a class action against UK rugby governing bodies, including the RFU, the RFL and the WRU.

The claim seeks compensation for rugby players experiencing the long-term effects of head trauma sustained while playing.

When Rylands Garth contacted Freshwater, the legal action had already received international attention. The firm had some of the sport’s biggest names on their client list, and were representing more than one hundred former pros living with conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s and CTE.

However, Rylands Garth also wanted to support amateur players suffering from brain damage.

Freshwater was tasked with creating a campaign with the following objectives:

  • Reach affected players
  • Drive quality inbound enquiries
  • Deliver return on investment.


We developed a social media advertising campaign, designed to resonate with the target audience and achieve the campaign objectives.

We crafted multiple copy and creative variations to test with the target audience, including a mix of video and static imagery.

We built a dedicated campaign landing page, optimised to drive conversions on mobile devices.

We used Meta ads to serve ads on Facebook, the most relevant channel for the target demographic. We also tested a range of targeting options to maximise reach across the rugby community.



The three-month campaign delivered high engagement levels and strong results.

The firm received more than 450 enquiries during the campaign period. The cost per lead of £75 offered excellent value for quality legal leads – especially for high-value claims such as these.

To date, over 300 of these enquiries have converted into clients for the firm, delivering significant return on investment.

The number of new clients has also strengthened the group claim, and gives hundreds more people the chance of receiving much-needed compensation.