A thank you to all our colleagues, clients and suppliers

In a matter of weeks, Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it – professionally, socially and personally – as everyone tries to adapt to a new way of working and living.

Covid-19 represents a risk to our health, our wellbeing and our future, and many of us are making fundamental changes to the way we live and do business.

The health and safety of our colleagues, clients and suppliers is paramount as we do everything we can to play our part in the global effort to slow the spread of the virus and keep the economy going.

Our team and systems are fully operational. As an integrated communications consultancy, we are experienced at working remotely with clients to provide the best level of support, not just in times of crisis, but always.

We have already adapted our services and the way we work to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients, and will continue to do so as the situation unfolds. We are also here to help other organisations navigate through these uncertain times in any way we can. In the coming weeks, we will share information and advice with you all.

I would like to extend a huge personal thank you to my colleagues and all our clients and partners for pulling together to support each other through these unprecedented times.

We are thinking of everybody affected by the current pandemic.

Please take care and let’s keep in touch.

With best wishes

Angharad Neagle, Chief Executive, and the Freshwater team