Celebrating another year of commitment to the Living Wage Foundation

Celebrating another year of commitment to the Living Wage Foundation

Freshwater is celebrating its accreditation anniversary with the Living Wage Foundation, marking another year of support for new starters in the PR and communications industry.

Having long championed the Living Wage, our internship programme provides opportunities for young, talented professionals while ensuring that they’re able to financially support themselves in the early stages of their career.

Our Account Executive Jemima Gosmore, who began at Freshwater through our internship programme, said: “Without a Living Wage, I would not have been able to develop my skills, play a integral part in a lively communications agency, or get to learn from Freshwater’s range of talented and inspiring people.”

Freshwater was among the founding signatories of the PRCA’s campaign to end the practice of unpaid internships and, despite the coronavirus pandemic, has remained committed to offering roles to new starters. Our internship programme was recently recognised in the PRCA Awards 2021, seeing us receive the ‘Best Internship Programme’ award for the second time.

Sarah Whittle, our HR Director, said: “At Freshwater, we know how important responsible leadership is, especially during the challenges of COVID-19. By applying the Living Wage, we know we are doing the right thing, showing how valuable our people are to us.

“We are aware that the teamwork, loyalty and dedication from all our employees have been crucial over the last year or so, and we remain fully committed to paying above the Living Wage, so that we can continue to make a difference for each individual.”

To learn more about careers at Freshwater, and to view our available internships and vacancies, visit our careers page.