Five positive business ideas to tackle Blue Monday 2020

We’ve all experienced the post-Christmas come down and there’s even an annual awareness day, dedicated to our after-season sadness.

Blue Monday reflects an end to festive frivolity; the cold weather is no longer romantic and most are tightening their belts in health and in pocket. Payday seems far away and the Christmas decorations have been stuffed away so everywhere seems bare.

But don’t fear, we’ve come up with five ways to brighten up your business’s morale in 2020 and say ‘NOT THIS YEAR, BLUE MONDAY. WE’VE GOT THIS’.

Nostalgia: reflect on last year’s lessons

Have a look back at your business’s year – champion the highs and learn from the lows when trying to achieve a similar goal in 2015.

New year, new you: refresh your brand

Just like healthy eating in the New Year is a good idea, so is a healthy brand.

Tap into the post-Christmas mind-set; go in a new direction or evolve your business’s image with a new logo or campaign to grab public attention.

Show a little charity or be a sponsor

Do some good and partner with a local charity or organisation to reinforce the ethos of your business, staff morale and boost your community engagement.

Alternatively, sponsorship of a local or national event not only helps the cause but also boosts your business’s publicity and provides a good opportunity to network within a targeted business sector.

Team green!

Small changes to your business’s environmental policy can have another great effect on morale and new business leads. Environmental consciousness is often more than a perk to potential business partners and is increasingly becoming a requirement.

We predict that increased pressure to go green will be significant in coming years in swaying those pivotal business deals.

At Freshwater, we also advocate campaigns to motivate staff into thinking green by producing bespoke posters, videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Team building

Remember that charity work we recommended for boosting staff moral? Why not incorporate some team bonding AND help out those in need.

Alternatively, why not send some of the team to undertake some training together? This will gel your employees with some common ground while motivating individuals by enhancing their skill set.

Let us know how you get on this Blue Monday, tweet us @FreshwaterUK using the hashtag #bluemonday.

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