Freshwater Fresh Futures Programme

At Freshwater, we are committed to ensuring that your background and circumstances never hold you back from achieving your dreams in the competitive world of agency work. Our Fresh Futures Programme is designed specifically with this in mind, ensuring every aspiring professional gets the support they need to shine.

Driven by our purpose to Make it Matter, we focus on turning potential into reality.


What is the Fresh Futures Programme?

The Fresh Futures Programme is a dynamic initiative aimed at empowering young professionals and students to step confidently into the marketing and human resources sectors. Whether you’re in school, attending a further education college, or seeking valuable work experience, Fresh Futures offers tailored support to foster your career growth. Here’s what the programme includes:

  • Professional exposure: Gain real work experience in different areas of marketing and human resources and having the opportunity to work and learn from industry professionals.
  • Personalised guidance: From CV preparation and updating, designed and finessed by our graphic design team, to confidence building, our experienced and friendly team are here to lend a helping hand.
  • Comprehensive support: Benefit from one-to-one mentoring, practical tips on job applications, and even guidance on how to manage nerves during interviews.

Scheduled annually between March and August, our programme offers four placements each year, giving participants a unique opportunity to explore and grow within their preferred areas, such as digital marketing, public relations, human resources, and event management.


Spotlight On: Tiwa Antwi

Our first Fresh Futures graduate is Tiwa Antwi, a 24-year-old politics and international relations graduate from London. Here, she shares her career journey, motivations for applying, and her experience in Freshwater’s Fresh Futures Programme:



Could you describe your career journey so far, including university studies, courses and placements etc?

I did a degree in politics and international relations at the University of Manchester. I thoroughly enjoyed my degree; it covered a wide range of political topics and helped me to develop my research skills. These skills have proven useful during my work experience post-university, which includes an internship at Cushman and Wakefield, the Taylor Bennett Foundation PR Training Programme, an internship at Portland Communications and the Freshwater Fresh Futures Programme.


What is it that attracts you to a role in comms?

I am attracted to a role in comms because it is a dynamic and multidimensional field which incorporates communication, strategy, and creativity. There is so much variety in the role of comms consultants and I find this stimulating. This includes the responsibility of managing the reputational direction of clients and helping them to shape their communications, pitching stories to journalists and providing media training.



How did you find out about the Freshwater Fresh Futures Programme, and why did you want to experience life at Freshwater?

During my PR training programme with the Taylor Bennett Foundation, I had a masterclass at Freshwater. The masterclass was highly informative and engaging, providing me with insight into the interesting work done at Freshwater. I was keen to join the friendly team and gain more exposure to life at the agency.


What does it mean to you, for businesses like Freshwater, to give you this opportunity?

As someone who is in the early stages of their career, this opportunity is so valuable because it allows me to gain further experience and figure out what aligns with my long-term goals while facilitating the development of my skills.


What have you enjoyed most during your time at Freshwater?

It is difficult to choose one thing, so I will mention two. I have enjoyed the range of work that I have been able to get involved with such as press release writing, drafting copy for digital adverts and gaining insight into a content management system used to build websites and create content. I also really appreciated how warm and welcoming the Freshwater team is, they are a super friendly bunch!




What’s next for you?

After I’m done travelling Brazil for two months, I’m hoping to secure a full-time role in comms.



Sarah Whittle, HR and operations director at Freshwater, said: “We started the Fresh Futures Programme to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity. It’s about providing a platform where talent meets possibility, ensuring that young people, no matter their background, can realise their potential and embark on successful careers, regardless of their starting point.

“At Freshwater we are keen to create a level playing field for young people and I would encourage any student, graduate or young person, who are considering a career in marketing or human resources in an agency, to apply to our programme.”


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