HIMfertility: Behind the scenes

Freshwater is proud to have worked with Rhod Gilbert on the HIMfertility campaign to raise awareness about the causes and effects of male infertility.

Below, a series of candid ‘behind the scenes’ photos, and a video, tells the story of our work on the campaign, from the early planning stages through to the event launch.

In pictures: Working with Rhod Gilbert on the HIMfertility campaign

Freshwater meet Rhod Gilbert for the first time
1. The Freshwater team welcomes Rhod Gilbert to our London office for the first time.
Freshwater and Rhod work on the campaign identity
2. Rhod and the team discuss the campaign brief. There’s a brainstorm for the campaign identity. It involves lots of ‘choice’ words.
A video call with Rhod and Freshwater
3. The campaign starts to take shape. We grab a video call with Rhod to give him an update on progress. We break the news to him that we think he should be “the face of infertility”.
Freshwater and Rhod Gilbert
4. Fast forward a few weeks and we unveil the worked up HIMfertility brand for the first time. He gives it the thumbs up.
HIMfertility is launched in Cardiff
5. After months of planning, it’s finally launch day at St David’s shopping centre, Cardiff. Rhod prepares to talk tackle with the public.
Simon John and Rhod Gilbert at the HIMfertility launch
6. Brand manager, Simon John, escorts Rhod around St David’s shopping centre to drum up interest in the campaign. Rhod pretends he’s Rob Brydon.
Carolyn and Rhod in Cardiff
7. Director, Carolyn Pugsley, briefs Rhod ahead of a busy round of media interviews.
Rhod Gilbert and the media
8. The campaign is causing a media frenzy. Here’s Rhod talking with BBC Wales.
Rhod Gilbert and the Freshwater team
9. Rhod and the team take five to catch up on the day’s events.
Rhod Gilbert interviewed by Carolyn
10. More interviews – but this time Rhod gets a grilling from Carolyn.
The Freshwater team at the HIMfertility launch
11. That’s a wrap. The Freshwater team finally catch their breath after a successful launch.

Our work with Rhod Gilbert appears in his new documentary, Stand Up to Infertility, which aired on BBC Wales on 25 January 2021 at 9pm and will be broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday 31 January at 10pm. You can also watch it on BBC iPlayer.

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