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Renewable energy PR agency

From the phasing out of fossil fuels to the shifting landscape of renewables, the energy sector is crucial to maintaining a stable economy and standard of living in the UK. Freshwater helps organisations track and influence government policy, tackle issues and promote developments through a variety of strategic communication services.

We helped to establish the Cross Party Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Energy, and provide ongoing secretariat services, while we are also loyal members of Renewable UK.

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How we support energy projects

Freshwater’s energy team has worked with organisations in the energy sector for more than two decades. Our expertise in stakeholder communication has been crucial to our work in this arena. We have provided senior strategic level support to several of the Big Six energy companies and consultancy in the sector through to being the ‘feet on the street’, talking to stakeholders affected by major energy developments on their doorsteps.

We have spearheaded community relations programmes to create awareness among local residents of supplier maintenance works; delivered a series of public information days to explain carbon capture and storage and organised stakeholder visits to renewable energy plants.

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Our energy sector communications services

Our teams have an understanding of the development process and combine this with specialist expertise in areas such as public relations and political communications, graphic design and branding, advertising and digital marketing.

We deliver communications training and social media consultancy to a range of organisations in the sector, as well providing video production and website design services.


Market-leading conferences

Our sister organisation – Waterfront Conference Company – produces market-leading industry events, including the annual Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects Forum and the Air Quality Forum. These conferences provide essential updates on policy, offer a platform for debate on key regulatory, planning and economic issues and keep Freshwater closely linked with the major issues affecting these sectors.


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